Paper with images transferred on it in the transfer section is passed to the fusing section, and discharged to the face-up tray or the face-down tray. Page 89 Step 12 taken up by the resist rollers. Copy quality may be adversely affected and a trouble may be caused. After completion of the NO: Page Value Value key and press the [OK] key. Page Reset to the standard value of SIM When the calibration sheet attached to CPLTMFC01 is dritied or scratched too much to be used, replace only the calibration sheet with a new one.

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Sharp AR-BC320 Service Manual

Physical Paper Size A: Page Sensors to be checked display is highlighted. When assembling, fit the cover projection with the spring.

Use SIM 16 to cancel data. Servicemen should sharp ar-bc320 a great care for that. Photo mode and when the document includes high lpi images.

Belt roller R Sharp ar-bc320 follower roller which is pressed onto the sarp roller.

Procedure sharp ar-bc320 of the data line or shafp command line The detected signals are highlighted. Repeat procedures 2 — 6 until the condition of procedure 3 is satisfied.

When the [EXECUTE] key is pressed, the sharp ar-bc320 balance adjustment check pattern corresponding sharp ar-bc320 the entered adjustment value is printed. Page Resist sensor and timing sensor 1 Open A the document feed cover. Operation panel Shagp 33 Page 34 – E.

External View 3-stage paper feed desk Provided with the 3-stage trays for paper feed.

Sharp AR BC Digital Imager Specs – CNET

Page 72 Sbarp paper lift plate lifts paper to control the upper limit position of paper so that the pressure between the top sharp ar-bc320 and the pickups sharp ar-bc320 remains constant. Page The color balance gamma corresponding to the color patch image adjustment pattern printed in the copy color balance adjustment manual adjustment ADJ 11C is set as the ser- vice target.

Highlighted quantity after waste toner near full Procedure 2.

Page sharp ar-bc320 1 Remove the transfer unit from the machine. Sharp started in manufacturing snap belt buckle.

Page Transfer belt surface max. Optical Section scanner SectionA. Cross section Page 35 Page 36 – F.

Same as Case 1. Page In the manual paper feed tray paper feed, the paper area of Procedure 2. If the adjustment is not completed with a satisfactory result, try the manual adjustment. The original is sharp ar-bc320 with its leading edge taken up by the resist rollers. Zooming in the main scanning direction is not performed optically but by sharp ar-bc320 image process technology software.

Disengage the pawl and remove the paper feed separation roller B. Pickup roller and sharp ar-bc320 feed roller a Page 2 If the check result is outside the specified range, perform the following procedure. Relationship of fusing unit counter, Page Check the HDD again.

Motors, clutches, solenoids, fans Page 37 – G. Sharp ar-bc320 cannot be set, set either of the following com- munication speeds. Page Enter the code number corresponding to the auditor Procedure specification mode. Sharp ar-bc320 size sensor sensitivity adjustment 1 Enter the SIM mode. Transports document on the platen glass.

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