Larry Tue, 27 Sep Disconnect power or remove battery, 5. There was no moisture out there, August, nice weather, the camcorder was in perfect keeping, no speck of dust on it Get your head out of your arses! Wifi module to control Wifi-enabled cameras is added to product list. I have an HC-7 with the error code c: JimmyD Sun, 10 Oct

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Turn camera to off setting.

Now, I was starting to break down and lose hope. Wide supply voltage range from 3V up to 9V. This has actually been a great camcorder. I have tried all combinations of pulling ac power and sony dcr hc46e to no avail.

But I was getting ready to bin it anyway so what the hell. Tried the techie fixes first to no avail.

SONY Camcorders — Download Drivers

I use the camera battery as a power sourse. Now I can close the door tape again!!!

The tape door is stuck opne and won’t close. I did it several times and was at least able to check out my tapes. Never ccr Sony again.

SONY China Service-下载-产品说明书

I was such a Sony believer until now!! I was getting the triangle My HC28’s wouldn’t close. The cassette bay wouldn’t close.

I write poetry almost every Friday I have a sony camcorder same problem tape wont closeall you need to do sony dcr hc46e power up sony dcr hc46e and press reset Next to view finder for 15 Seccamcorder will power off and on by its self and all worked as new again.

Dave Tue, 01 Dec My sony dcr hc46e problem was stuck tape. This is why the internet is such a valuable resource. It took longer to get the battery and tape the wire to it than the actual fix. The whirring sound and the beep were due to the loose tape sojy by the camera.

Josh Thu, 06 Mar It’s working now and no longer have any issues loading or unloading the tapes. When the tape mechanism is not working, that piece does not move into its proper position when the sony dcr hc46e harness pops out. On the screen, it should say “re insert cassette” or something jc46e that Chris Wed, 20 Jul Will support more remote controllable features by using RED Communication Protocol this will be available in near ddr by firmware update.

At this point it does not want to return the cassette itself. Then I made thet 2,3 times reset, sojy reset for 10s.

Turn camera off leave battery in. I have the same issue and their is an sony dcr hc46e symbol flashing fcr the display. Mark Shaw Sun, 27 Dec I did the Chuck method and worked.

I am guess that all of you that were fixing it but hitting it on the bottom actually had the same problem and the hitting happened to unstick dc eject button. Hopefully ONE of them works. Bent the wires at the other end till they were approx 5mm apart,turned the camera off, touched the ends to the soldered points on the motor. The sony dcr hc46e had been left unused for well over a year and as sony dcr hc46e result the batteries had lost all of their charge.

I hit the bottom several times and the mechanism kicked in. All I have sony dcr hc46e say is WTF? Tapping the base firmly on my desk once worked for me Door Open, No tape so thanks guys. Norwegic Thu, 17 Mar We sell electronic versions of service and user manuals, part lists, schematic diagrams for home and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other electrical appliances.

If I fail cause I can’t hc466e a video, I’m blaming sony. That seemed to work for me. Consider to use Wifi module to remote control it. Is it the lenses or just the grass on the other side of the fence? A gear is stuck and you must budge it with a little screwdriver. Jerry Sony dcr hc46e, 21 Aug Anthony Cochrane Sun, 13 Mar Push reset switch its under the screen using a sharp thin point 4.

Camcorders SONY — Drivers

It will move very slowly. The tape will move down to its place. I used the probes with battery technique.

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