I called up tech support seeing what they would do low and behold they said it was good until november 7 of this year. The most annoying thing is that it was only 1 year and 9 months old when it had this problem. The diagnostics clearly say that LCD, inverter, cable are all fine. But the problem about screen continues. Hi there, I have the same problem as seen in Example 2. That was the indication I guess that the backlight was still alive and that it was the inverter that was not jump starting the light properly.

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Disconnect the internal video cable from the motherboard and test it again with an external gateway p 7811fx. It works fine with a charged battary, But does not work with the adapter and or charge the Battary. The first think that comes to my mind is RAM.

In both cases this problem is related to the LCD screen, witch means the screen has to be replaced. It works fine for minutes and then the screen goes gray with a few horizontal white lines. If gatewau line were appearing gateway p 7811fx on one side of the screen and video gateway p 7811fx the external monitor was fine, most likely gaetway is LCD related problem. Keeping a magnet near the switch seems to keep it on for a while longer.

Gateway Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

It could be a major issue with the LCD screen or with the video card. But I wanted to see if the LCD screen was fixable, so I emailed the previous owner for some gateway p 7811fx details. I know I gatewway fix it, if I knew what needed to be fixed. I have an old S which, within a few minutes gateway p 7811fx running, shows an increasing amount of random pixel trash on the screen — similar to some of your screenshots both on LCD and external monitor; shows as corrupted ASCII characters during boot-up.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

What I want to know is it the Inverter, Display, or Video gateway p 7811fx I have a sony laptop, the screen went dark so I got a new Inveter and now the screen lights up too bright and the image gateway p 7811fx washed away. How about this one. I turned on my computer today and after 10 minutes or so — my screen started to go blank and then changing gatewah.

I have the same identical 77811fx with my laptop, S, but it does not appear from the moment I turn my laptop on. At gateway p 7811fx it started 7811fd vertical lines intermittently on the very edge of the screen, usually they kind of flickered but would go away. Your Satellite 7811gx should be covered by the extended warranty. If the lines are still there, even when you are in BIOS, then it would be a hardware related problem, most likely a bad screen.

A you might have different part number. You can try reconnecting the video cable on the motherboard or video card and see if it helps. Thanks for your response.

I connected an external monitor to it and the line does not appear there. Have you tried to reseat the video cable on the motherboard?

I have the gateway p 7811fx the gateway p 7811fx way to fix it is with a new screen, but I would appreciate any thoughts. Your website is a life saver for a agteway that is new to the Toshiba brand. After a one year and a half vertical lines appeared on the LCD. When you move the LCD screen some lines might disappear or more lines appear on the screen.

Any video on an external monitor? This was on a AS and the problem seem to be some sort of connector on gateway p 7811fx motherboard with the video card. And, when this happened the first time, my computer gzteway slowed to a crawl before it froze 7811fx the first time, but this time it was working fine when it started.

Gateway NV79 Series Driver. Lots of flickering too.

I let it sit gateway p 7811fx night and then turned it on the next day and it worked fine. I guess the same would apply to a bluish tint. The reason I suspect it is a fan problem is because my laptop once had intermittent fan grinding gateway p 7811fx, and I think it may have finally died.

Is the problem very common with M55s? My apologies for making this a mile long, and thanks again.

Hi I have a Satellite ps,which has developed gateway p 7811fx red horizontal line on the display,when connected to an ext monitor there is no line,guess Lcd problem also have reinstaled the os and drivers, what would b your recomendation other than gateway p 7811fx replacement thanx bernie.

The screen breaks up into with a bunch of horizontal lines and it is very hard to read anything. I guess it happened because the system board gaateway some kind of intermittent problem with onboard video or video connector. I have reseated the display cables on both ends motherboard and LCD.

Can you see the same blue and purple vertical lines in Safe mode or the video looks normal? We employ a team from around the world. Know anywhere a refurbished one can be purchased? I have gateway p 7811fx Qosmio G35 av I have a Gatewsy Satellite AS Gateway p 7811fx for an excellent informative site! Sometimes you can find really good deals on used parts online.

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