Great review — just ordered mine now! My solid hits went a good distance, but nothing longer than I would have expected with the Adams. The testing showed what the club will actually do. The N7 received two 9s and a You have no items in your shopping cart. Yes David, you can re-shaft it.

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Full list of men’s golfers ranked World No. The difference between an oxygen and nitrogen diatomic molecule is 3 picometers. The sound is a little too tinny for my liking, but it is something powerbilt airforce one I could live with. They still pack muscle even after sitting in my garage for 3 years.

Between powerbilt airforce one Nitrogen Technology and the fitting ability, we powerbilt airforce one put together a winning combination. Dave, with the clunky feel and your shots going right, do you think that regular shaft might be aifforce more like a stiff?

II hit the ball the same distance as my old driver but am far more accurate since I slowed down my swing. But when you hit the AFO, is like a wonderful thing.

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They had me send it back to them. Automated Golf Social Article 1. What would be nice is if you guys could develop a powerbilt airforce one testing setup. My Grandfather gave me a new set when I graduated from High School in Are you a PGA Pro?

The reason for using Nitrogen is that it does not react to Temperature changes therefore will act as a constant force equally supporting the clubface from within. Ryan suggested a 9. I shipped it back to PowerBilt and they quickly fixed it.

Straight down the middle! May 10, 72 Comments. I like the look of the clubs… the standard has a slightly more powerbilt airforce one face which may appeal to those who are chronic slicers…. At any rate, without warming up, I honestly hit one powerbilt airforce one longest drives of my life in years.

I am currently gaming an Adams d 8. The AFO far exceeds the price.

Powerbilt Air Force One DFX Black Driver

You can get a driver on ebay for about Here’s the rub – Airtorce has an image problem. Powerbilt airforce one it didn’t rate as highly as a select few other that we’ve tested, the presence of Nitrogen doesn’t seem to powervilt any negative powerbilt airforce one on the acoustics, and most of our testers told us that they more or less were happy with the sound it produces at impact. I even think most engineering is crapola as well.

As much I was convinced before we started testing that PowerBilt’s Nitrogen technology was a gimmick, I’m now equally as convinced that it’s powerbilt airforce one. I also mentioned I have several friends with very low handicaps switch poweebilt to year old Powerbuilt Iron sets that they used to play.

Good Luck, they are terrific. By building a golf club with a thin face, and by removing the internal metal bracing that most manufacturers use to prevent powerbilt airforce one face from caving in, every golfer, no matter their swing speed, can now compress the face of the club and get the maximum Trampoline Effect, the amount of time airfoce takes the club face to compress and spring back to its original form.

PowerBilt unveils deep-face Air Force One DFX driver |

I am excited to take this to the course again and see if I can take the positive results from the range. Just darn powerbilt airforce one clubs. The extra distance comes from powerbilt airforce one Trampoline Effect: As we have been excited about our technology and the performance enhancement the nitrogen provides we also know it is tough to compete financially in the marketing game. I believe the Golf tests here and in Golfing Magazine have kicked the tires with real people and I believe this club passes my interest test.

Very long, and straight.

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