Press Setup and scroll to the bottom of the list. Choose Cancel Jobs to close the error message without retrying the print job, so that you can check those instructions. Make sure that each ribbon spool is seated correctly; each spool has a notch on the end that will engage with a tab on the wheel that holds it. Navigating the User Gallery with Echo. The light will turn off and then come back on again, going to solid green. You may also encounter this error if you are trying to copy a file to the SD card, but the filename has a space in it. Try printing your label again.

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It will feed out some label stock during this process; once it stops, you can safely open the printer, unlatch the print head, and roll the label stock back in. You may also encounter this error if you are graphic products duralabel pro to copy a file to the SD card, but the filename has a space in it.

We specialize in providing sign and label solutions for pipe marking, arc flash, wayfinding, and various other safety compliance and identification purposes. Latest Free Printer Drivers.

Try opening the lid the whole top half of the machine all the way, and closing it again.

DuraLabel PRO Information | Graphic Products

This can be caused by dust in the printer, on the print head itself graphic products duralabel pro on the label stock, especially if your printer or supplies are stored in the open. Remote Setup Let Us Do the Work for You We can install your print driver and software, provide on—screen tutorials, and help you print your first label. Open the lid of the printer ruralabel make sure the print head is latched down all the way.

Check the Driver Settings Save your label design and close the design graphic products duralabel pro. The supply type selected here needs to match the supply type that you are using:. Click OK to apply the change and close this window, reopen your label program and your label design, and try printing again. Remove the graphic products duralabel pro take-up graphif in front so that you can see the metal print head. There is a green plastic latch that should catch it on each side.

Press Enter to accept the changed information, and then Enter again to accept changes to the Setup Menu. Want to see what your labels will look like? DuraSuite allows you to create industry code-compliant labels in minutes. Then, turn your Lobo back on again.

Graphic Products DuraLabel PRO Printer Drivers | Seagull Scientific

Next, you’ll choose the sensor mode, to match the type of label stock you’re using. If you are peoducts unable to print, please contact our graphic products duralabel pro team for help. Customized software Redefine your visual communication program with LabelForge and DuraSuite labeling software. Continuous a roll of uninterrupted label stock Black Mark a roll of pre-printed label stock, with a black mark on the backing between labels Die-Cut a roll of pre-cut labels, ready to peel graphic products duralabel pro one by one If you are using Die-Cut labels, the printing ribbon will need graphiic be Premium and not Petroleum-Resistant.

Please check our selection of online videosor contact our support team for help. Once you’ve selected a mode, choose Automatic to have duealabel printer graphic products duralabel pro the label stock and prepare its sensors. Choose Cancel Jobs to close the error message without retrying the print job, so that you can check those instructions.

Duralabdl contact our support team graphic products duralabel pro help. The roll of label stock should be centered on its spindle, and the material should unroll from the top of the roll. If you are still unable to print, there may be a problem in the part of Windows that controls the printer.

Click on the printer icon in the task bar to bring up the proxucts message again, and click Clear Error. What issues are you running into? If you are still graphic products duralabel pro able to print normally, please contact our support team for help.

Open the printer and raise the print head mechanism, as if graphkc were going to change graphic products duralabel pro the supplies. The DuraLabel can handle single pages up to inches long, although large signs can take much longer to print. Under Advancedclick the Driver button to open the detailed controls.

DuraLabel PRO 300

Wipe down the white roller in the back of the system, and anywhere else that you can see dust or paper fibers collecting. If productw graphic products duralabel pro not resolve the problem, please contact our support team for help.

After restarting, try printing your label once more.

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