Is there a driver for the screen or is generic correct? Information on finding these can be found through your computer or motherboard documentation. I dont want to crack it as its rather flimsy plastic. Measure the diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2. What could this be and how to fix it? Have you tried reseating LCD cable connector on the motherboard? Be very careful with the connector.

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Jazzy told me to put it together first before I remove the new screen. This is the Comoaq only, you will need to reuse your harness. Any technique which could fix the problem, or i have replace the lamp? My screen would go white at times and I would sometimes have to tap it to make it stop going white and working properly.

The screen stopped working suddenly and is mostly black with colored vertical lines except for one inch that works normally. Under the left side of the hinge facing the computer is compaq presario cq50-142us the video wires compaq presario cq50-142us and thats wear they wore into.

How to replace screen on HP G50 G60 G70 – Inside my laptop

Sadly, at 18 months old, the laptop is out of warranty by 6 months aint it always the way! I already tried other ram memory, and compaq presario cq50-142us I put in the memory of my own laptop. If there is no video on the external monitor, your problem is somewhere inside the laptop itself. Have fq50-142us by power cord and on front panel. Follow the steps and take your time.

See PJ for the 90 watt 4. When I got it all back together it has white compaq presario cq50-142us with multicolor vertical lines Tried remote monitor still no picture.

Now plug the battery and try turning it on again. My screen became normal like before. Cojpaq powered compaq presario cq50-142us fine before I did the swap. Check the webcam cable connection. I just replaced my screen and I ran into the same issue that you described. Being that the screen went out half way first I figured I had a dual lamp set up. It looks like the white connector the wires go into should unplug from the white connector on the mb but it is not budging.

Inverter shown in prseario step Compaq presario cq50-142us, D, D, D Note: Thank you for all the information. It will erratically come on by opening and closing the lid.

I guess from opening my computer so much it wore the black tape off and the coating off the wires and a couple of them has come into. There is no other connection under the motherboard.

Compaq presario cq50-142us now my laptop compaqq turn on.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

Can compaq presario cq50-142us get image on the external monitor? In the previous comment you mentioned that your persario screen is gray white.

Performed the screen change in about 2 hours with no issues other than dropping my new screen on the floor — it still compaq presario cq50-142us.

Insert the cable into the connector. The computer only cost After that you can release the cable and remove it from the connector.

How to replace screen on HP G50 G60 G70

There is no light. Take a look at the power button cable shown in the step 5. I installed the new display and nothing, no power. The switch is somewhere around that area under the cover.

Compaq presario cq50-142us idea what it could be? I did end up braking that piece in step 4 though lol. Most likely this is failed LCD screen.

I can just make out the screen very faintley and compaq presario cq50-142us i plug it into an external moniter it works fine. Would this have fried the new screen or was it just faulty? N, N and others compaq presario cq50-142us the Ca50-142us Series that use this type shield. Is it my vedio card? Besides that, I owe you a huge thanks.

Could be one of the following: Thanks again for posting this. Your instructions were perfect and very presaeio to follow. Do you have any ideas what the problem is before I set about replacing the screen?

There is no changes in the screen from compaq presario cq50-142us it was off and on.

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